My Experience on Mining ZEC with one 1080 Ti on Mac

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After I bought the 1080 Ti for the Deep Learning I utilized those for mining ZCash while it is in idle. and it is been about 1 week after I started mining and here is the result. 

This is the screenshot of mining. I am getting about 530 ~. 550 sol/s. I know it is not a good number for 1080 Ti but with the MacOS I cannot tweak the clock speed and memory speed so I am happy with this. I believe lower sol/s means lower power consumption. 

I use nanopool to mine, you can use different pools but they confirm the transaction really fast and they payout several time a day, so I feel like I am really getting what I need to get. 

I got paid for 4 times and now I have 0.0415 ZEC or $28.69 in a week or so.

I didn’t mine for 24/7, I had to stop mining when I train my Neural Network for the full performance. If you are using linux then there is something called GPU_mon, which is get script that can automate the start mining and stop mining depends on GPU usage.

From the simple math (it should not be accurate) I am mining about $28 a week and there are 52 weeks in a year, so I will mine about $1,456 from a single 1080 Ti without consider the electricity bill. I can safely assume (Kill-a-watt is on the way) this system will use 250W and it is about 2,184Kwh per year (0.25*24*7*52). In Texas, where I live, it is $0.06 per 1Kwh, and I will ends up with paying about $130 for electricity every year. 

Which will result out $1,456 – $130 = $1326. I will make $1326 year year with this GPU. Consider I spent $700 to buy this. I am going to make about $500 ~ $600 on the first year. 

You can’t mine millions of dollars out of single 1080 Ti, but rather than keep the machine in idle, you can use GPU to make some profits. Even in the worst case it will pay for itself within one year or so. 

If you are planning to buy GPU for Deep Learning but also interested in mining, then don’t forget to buy the extended warranty. 

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