Keras – 1. Introduction

Welcome to the CS with James

This is the introduction to the Keras.

I will explain what is Keras and why we use Keras to learn the Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

Machine Learning is a very hot topic in the CS world.

Researchers use Machine Learning to solve the unsolved problem, such as self driving car, image classification and many more.

There are some well-known machine learning libraries, such as TensorFlow, pytorch, caffe2 and many more.

The Keras is high level warper of the Machine Learning libraries.

There are so many details that programmers have to deal with when learning machine learning, and Keras help programmers by set good default values for those detail and if you wish to change the value of course you can do it.

I will use the Tensorflow as a backend, but if you want to use some other library feel free to use whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you want to learn more about the Keras click link to official website.

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